Monday, June 1, 2009

Covenant Green™ and The Crystal Method

Covenant Green™ on stage at The Crystal Method's Divided by Night Tour! This is not only an *amazing band* (my fave song "Smile"), but they are also eco-friendly, practice sustainability, and helping perpetuate eco-awareness. Ken wears Covenant Green's 100% organic cotton "Make Green Not War" tee. You can find this and more at

You can follow and view TCM's tour dates on their official website,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kelly Hu in Covenant Green™ @ Kitson

Uber-beautiful and genuinely good-hearted actress Kelly Hu ("X-Men", "Scorpion King") wears a Covenant Green™ 100% certified organic cotton tunic as a sexy dress at an event in Kitson, Beverly Hills. Kelly is an avid supporter of Reef Check! This year, on June 5, 2009, Kelly hosts a fundraiser at Reef Check Hawaii. You can purchase tickets at

Much mahaloz Kelly! More green goodies to come soon! :)

Star Eco Station Happenings

Last weekend in Culver City, California, Covenant Green™ eco-apparel participated in a Children's Earth Day 2009 event, proceeds of which benefitted Star Eco Station. Star Eco Station is an internationally award-winning non-profit environmental education and exotic wildlife rescue center, dedicated to the mission of Preservation Through Education. Working in collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other government and environmental organizations, Star Eco Station provides a last chance for illegal or abandoned at-risk exotic wildlife, as well as environmental education outreach programs in over 40 California school districts:

During Star Eco Station's Children's Earth Day 2009 event, children's acts from Disney and Nickolodeon performed. It was incredible to see such talent on kids so young! All the more reason why we all need to live green, because we are only borrowing the planet and its resources from future generations:

The Covenant Green™ booth, almost set-up, while talking to my new friend and booth neighbor Katie from Tree People:

Now available, Covenant Green's Small Carbon Footprint™ children and infant's apparel (for inquiries, pls contact

One of the animals housed and taken care of in Star Eco Station's facility is a bobcat that was found during a raid. There was movement in a suitcase, and law enforcement personnel thought it was a child. This bobcat was rescued and given to the Star Eco Station:

This bird had a psychological disease of having the need to pluck his chest feathers (ergo the two feathers on his front), similar or akin to the human condition trichotillomania, the disorder of chronic hair-plucking. Poor bird!

This white one was a hoot, performing a plumed dance of bobbing its body up-and-down while repeatedly rapping "Wa-ka-choo, wa-ka-choo, wa-ka-choo!"

Trying to control my heart which wanted to pop out of my chest, and my screaming banshee that I held inside my throat, I managed to "put on" a *snake* around my shoulders! Watch out Britney Spears! :)

The snake I "wore" as it lunged towards the camera...

... and its beautiful coat glistening against the light, rich in color and texture. NO snakeskin shoes and bags, please!!!

New eco-conscious friends who also mustered up the courage to put on the snake - Jeff and Teddy:

At the end of the day, satisfied customers loved their Covenant Green™ apparel, including uber-fabulous Magda (my aunt's namesake), who sported her new 100% certified organic cotton "I [heart] Green" slouch tee right then and there! Check-out Magda's haute, chic online store at

Thanks to all who came and see you at the next show!

For more information on Star Eco Station, please visit

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Children's Earth Festival at Star Eco Station

Join Covenant Green™ with tv, movie and sports celebrity friends for some environmental fun at Star Eco Station's Children's Earth Day Festival 2009, tomorrow, Sunday April 26, 2009, in Culver City. For sale at below-retail prices:

• women's fabulous dresses in organic cotton, salvaged silk and reclaimed rayon
• women's eco tees and fashion tops
• men's eco tees with statement graphics
• kids' organic cotton tees
• infant's organic cotton onesies

STAR STRUCK! Earth and educational friendly Nickelodeon and Disney celebrities will be on hand at this years’ Los Angeles Children’s Earth Day Festival, plus sports celebrities:

• Former NBA star of the Los Angeles Clippers and Author Cuttino Mobley will be in attendance to give nutritional tips to the kids and to participate in basketball demonstrations.
• Jason Earles who plays Jackson Stewart; Hannah Montana’s hilarious brother of Disney’s “Hannah Montana”
• Chelsea Makela of Paramount Pictures film, “Dance Flick”
• Robbie Arnell of Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson VP”, Simon Curtis of Nickelodeon’s TV movie “Spectacular” and Disney’s “Hannah Montana”
• Ariel Winter of Warner Brothers film, “Speed Race”
• Plus two surprise celebrity teen singing groups will also be on hand for performances and autographs!

LEARN! At the Los Angeles Children’s Earth Day, kids and parents will meet real environmental heroes, talk to conservationists and discover the benefits of sustainable living. Star Eco Station proudly welcomes our environmental partners such as: Heal the Bay, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA), Santa Monica Baykeeper, Surfrider Foundation and the Waterkeeper Alliance. Sponsors will provide fun activities that teach visitors about sustainable natural resources.

PLAY! Cool activities are sure to keep kids of ALL ages “edu-tained” all day long, with face painting, story-telling, crafts, and hands-on encounters with the rescued exotic animals of STAR ECO Station. Enjoy games, music and entertainment brought to you by 102.3 KJLH Radio. At this year's Earth Day celebration we will have a sports section, which will feature live performances and demos from the Basketball department (demo and presentation by former Los Angeles Clipper's star Cuttino Mobley), skateboarding, soccer and martial arts departments. A special surprise celebrity skateboarder will also be in attendance!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

E a r t h H o u r 03.28.09

Light some candles for an evening of no electricity, no gas, etc.. Instead, enjoy an evening with great company, conversation, and a connection to each other and the planet. Pictionary in candlelight, anyone...?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Go Green Expo-nential

The end of January 2009 was marked by a green event that Covenant Green™ participated in. Mr. Bradford Rand (of Fashion Career Expo fame) held his Go Green Expo for the first time in Los Angeles, at the L.A. Convention Center. A meeting with Brad and his beautiful wife Melissa a few days prior to the event left a poignant place in my eco-friendly heart. The work that this fabulous couple is doing to further the green cause is admirable!

Covenant Green™ had a small corner booth. People from all walks of life came by and stopped to look, and most of all, to listen to my story as to why I quit my last job to do this eco-friendly clothing line. Photos of my baby niece aside (she's the main reason), purchases were made and happy customers walked away with a pep in their step knowing they had just made a difference for the planet and for future generations.

My eco-friendly 100% reclaimed silk dress transcended generational lines. Made from surplus silk discarded from the garment industry, I designed these landfill-rescued jewel toned luxuries into a fun and whimsical dress with a custom art of oil rigs and "Just say no" printed on them created by yours truly. The inks used to print them are PVC-free and phthalate-free, less toxic waste for the environment.

Other bestsellers included a dress with my iconic peace design at the back, and an eco-friendly tie-dye tube dress perfect for spring or summer days, depending on your geographical location. With climate change and global warming at hand, us girls might need more of these easy-to-wear eco garb, right? :)

Eco-diva and hotness actress Kelly Hu of "The Scorpion King" and "X-Men" has the eco tie-dye dress too. She helped me pick a winner for the $300 shopping spree for more fun and fab Covenant Green™ product. Thanks Kelly! Watch the talented Ms. Hu in episodes of "Army Wives"!
While meeting wonderful people who had genuine concern for the environment, I discovered the spawning of eco-clubs in our educational system. I met a retired teacher who endorsed such organizations, two eco-fabulous girls from USC involved in a sustainability committee, a grade-schooler who wanted to be President of an eco-club and start one in her class, and junior high schoolers who already have said club and were making the rounds at the Go Green Expo to increase awareness and eco-education at their school. Knowing that the next generation is conscious of their lifestyle makes my green heart happy!
I also met with a lot of families who attended the show with the desire and resolve to be responsible consumers, buying green and seeing the latest and greatest green products. The best photo I have was with a baby whose parents bought one of my Covenant Green™ infant onesie, with a custom-printed "Small Carbon Footprint" on it (the label of my future kid's line!). Their little one looked so happy when Mommy and Daddy bought it for him. He knows they are buying responsibly to make sure he grows up in a cleaner environment!

Not only did I have the privilege and pleasure to meet such great eco-consumers, but I also met fellow exhibitors and an army of eco-service providers who I plan to join forces with to help perpetuate the green movement. I had the best neighbor of all, Marc Sahara, owner of "The Inconvenient Bag", a collection of organic cotton and hemp totes custom-made with whimsical prints, the perfect alternative to "Paper or plastic?". Like his motto says, plastic is so yesterday! You can find his green goods at

Donna Barnett is one of the green do-gooders we have and need. She is a 5-star general of the clean-air infantry division! You can find her work at, advocating awareness and education to the public so that we and future generations may breathe better.

On my wish list is the environmentally-friendly beauty product line, Arbonne. Nancy Selik's booth was located in the other aisle, full of great and green Arbonne skin care regimens. Made with natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients, these are not sold in stores! You can contact Nancy for a personal consult. Please email me at for more details.

The next consumer show will be in April for Earth Day. Will advise as soon as it is confirmed, so please check this blog regularly for details. I also recommend reading past blogs to educate yourselves on my personal experiences in living green, so that it may inspire you to be responsible eco-consumers. Go green or go home! :-)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Plastic Un-funtastic

"The Bottom Line: Manufacturers currently aren’t required to label BPA, so there’s no way of knowing if it’s present in the plastics or cans you use. For now, the best way to reduce your exposure is to use stainless steel, glass or plastics labeled “BPA-free".”

Plastic bottles contain a chemical called bisphenol-A, or BPA, for short. Heat is a catalyst that releases this chemical that finds itself into our foods. For the complete article of these BPA blues with above quote, go to

So, if you keep a case of water bottles in your car, better take them out! Even better, get yourself a Brita filtering pitcher or some kind of filter for your faucet, and fill up some stainless steel water bottles. I just bought a SIGG steel water bottle from Whole Foods last week. You can check out more fund designs at:

Meantime, for those of you who have infants, Whole Foods also has BPA-free plastic bottles. Here are some I found online as well:

If you Google BPA-free baby bottles, you can find a lot more, like at

Note to self and to all of you - corn-derived plastics *melt* easily! Actress friend Kelly Hu (pictured in yours truly's Covenant Green "Made In USA" tee) bought us reusable corn-based plastic water bottles with filter top (good for 99 fill-ups), but mine wrinkled and shrunk up in the car like a man's jewels in a cold pool. Ha ha!